Five unheard of casino secrets

When imagining a life of a professional gambler, he may come to mind if some form of outlaws – the wild Western adventurers wielding weapons, the decaying world of the Prohibition Laws, or even the unscrupulous casino executives described in the works of Martin Scorsese’s “Casino”.

Where today’s  pala casino lobby – more than the outside world – are no longer typical of colonies of dark-colored bands, however, intrigues can be found if you just know where to look. If huge sums of dollars can be won by a single dice roll or a spin roll, who in the end knows what else can happen?

Even though the five secrets we reveal here are not really classified as secret, they are facts that only casinos are usually aware of. However, it is, in our opinion, quite juicy information.

There are cameras everywhere

Okay, maybe you knew that. You hardly knew how much they really are. Casino Security Officer Jeff Jonas has revealed in 2008 that, for example, a casino like Bellagio probably has about 2,000 cameras connected to 50 monitors.

Jonas also explained that casinos utilize tens of thousands of sensors to keep their security tight in their eyes. In this way, casinos follow every single machine, ATM, doorway and virtually everything else in their premises.

Casinos are full of civilian police

In addition to the casinos’ self-supervision, in addition to the casualties of the casualties, police officers in the dangling wonders of the other players make the twilight of potential criminals even more difficult.

And if you imagine that you can get rid of the law by supplying your illegitimate puppet under the toilet facilities, you imagine it. Even there are policemen who are ready to snatch you off in the act.

The gamers are incredibly creative

You would never believe how far some people are willing to go to cheat for victory. Criminals practicing their casinos are among the most creative factors in their field.

One of the popular tactics is to replace the stack of real 5 € chips with a so-called chip cup – a hollow, chip-pin-fisting fable that can hold a few 100 € chip. In order for this to succeed, however, the player must cooperate with the dealer, as this will help in making a substitution.

Jonas also told how a cybercricket hired as a video poker game program secretly coded a code snippet that automatically produced a royal flush when a certain set of predetermined stakes had been invested in seven or eight rounds.

In addition, there is an old decent pacemaker – just jumping with the most skillful cheats – where the player covers the card with his palm and then switches to another card that he receives from the player involved. This blackjack tactic allows players to have a better blackjack hand.

Identified as card readers may sometimes continue

Many people do not know this, but counting cards is not really illegal. This is because card counting is simply a matter of tracking each card that is revealed to the player so that it is easier to anticipate the end result of the game. And when would the good fortune become a criminal?

However, casinos do not like this and they have the legal right at their own discretion to ban the card counting from an attempted player to participate in the game. Thus, only card readers who succeed in counting without anyone noticing can benefit from the tactic.

Casinos quickly notice players who have reclaimed recurring profits or really big sums of money. In the long run, in order to overcome it, it is also necessary to destroy. Casinos also find it quick if the movement at the table starts to sound suspicious.

Nonetheless, casinos occasionally make the cards fall if they are not very good in their woods and lose even if they try to put the cards in their minds.

Why the Vegas event also stays there

The nickname City of Sins has not been born in vain. The events of the “Kauhea Kankkunen” movies are not completely windy. Anonymous Las Vegas casinos revealed in 2012 the Reddit site survey of some of the worst actions that had been receiving casino adolescents during the year.

According to those insiders, sex and drugs are the most popular entertainment among the casual casino visitors. People apparently imagine that the lawfulness of gambling in the state of Nevada is doing everything else legitimate.

One of Reddit’s writers in Vegas told us that staff finds customers having sex in the most remarkable public places. He also added that he saw people using all possible drugs in public places as in the casino’s main bars and bars.