How much can you win at online roulette and other casino games?

Since the first online gambling licenses were awarded in Spain in 2012, Online casinos in New Jersey have revolutionized the landscape of the Spanish game. While it is true that there are players who still prefer the experience of enjoying the game live in a casino face-to-face, more and more people have decided to take the plunge and start playing online simultaneously with their visits to these gaming centers.

This is the case of Casino Gran Madrid Online , the first online licensed casino in Spain. 34% of its players have previously visited one of their on-site casinos .

One of the main attractions of online casinos is their offer of prizes, which has nothing to envy to that of a casino face-to-face. In its more than 5 years of operation through its two licenses (Casino Gran Madrid Online and CGM 7 Stars, exclusive for residents in the Community of Madrid) this online casino has distributed over 580 million euros in prizes among all its customers through its offer of more than 100 games of Slots (traditionally known as slots), cards (Blackjack and Point and Banca) and Roulette.

For many casino players (face-to-face and online) the game par excellence is roulette. Casino Gran Madrid Online has two modes:  online roulette (with more than 10 varieties) and live roulette , which is broadcast live from Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones 24 hours a day during all days of the year. The highest prize awarded in this modality has been € 24,630. In the case of online roulette, the highest prize was € 24,712 in the European Premium Roulette , followed by a prize of € 22,057 in French Roulette . As in all other types of games, there is also the opportunity to play roulette from tablets or mobile phones: the highest prize awarded in this case to date has been € 8,725.