What Free Poker means

First thing first, we need to define what we mean when we say free poker.

A lot of poker sites, both poker rooms and other online poker portals, say that they have free poker bonuses and free poker cash, but in reality these are just ordinary poker bonuses, with nothing really free about them.

Now we are not saying that these bonuses are no good. They are certainly worth looking at and capitalizing on. A clever poker player can use these deposit bonus deals to build up a substantial online bankroll, often reaching to thousands of dollars.

But we are not talking about those poker bonuses here, because in order to take advantage of those bonuses players will need to make a deposit. And in order to make the most of those bonus deals you should really be in a position to make the largest deposit allowable.

But that is a whole nut her story.

Some poker players are referring to the play money games offered by most online poker rooms when they say free online poker.

Well, we don’t mean that kind of free poker here either, but we do discuss it a bit further here Fake Poker Money if you would like to know more.

NO, what we are talking about here are real free poker deals where the player does not have to make a deposit in order to get the free poker cash.

This is real free online poker as far as we are concerned. You get the money, you don’t have to pay.





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